There are many DIY platform in the market for building website and most of them stress that technical knowledge is unnecessary. All that is required is to follow certain steps to create a decent website. A few of the most popular ones are Wix, Strikingly, webnode and Weebly.

Wix has over 180 million users who chooses Wix to build their free website. There are over 800 well-designed template to choose from, coding is not required, built-in ecommerce function as well as SEO tools for optimizing web search results. For personal use, the fee is US$8.5/month with 3GB storage space, 2GB monthly traffic and unlimited number of the pages but ecommerce is not included.

Strikingly emphasis on its easy to use interface that will allow anyone to easily learn to use in just a few minutes. There is a free service package and the paid package only costs US$8/month.

Headquarter in Switzerland, webnode started in 2008 and has help over 30 million users building their personal website. The basic package costs US$4.9/month with 200MB storage space, 1GB monthly traffic and ecommerce not included.

Weebly situated in San Francisco and has offices in New York, Scottsdale and Toronto. The company has served over 50 million website worldwide. Service package starting from US$12/month with ecommerce function; however, storage space and monthly traffic is very limited.

Should reader be interested in any of the service, we would highly recommend checking out each of the above 4 web building platform and comparing their services and prices. However, comparing their service is not as easy as it looks. Since most people looking into these service do not have much idea on the resource that these service provide. Once the resources reach the limited, the only option will be to pay and upgrade to a better package or else all that investment of time and effort in building the website would be lost.

  1. Another thing to pay attention to is that whether you would be willing to learn to use these service yourselves since there are a few points that should be considered before proceeding with these services.
  2. The websites built with these services are not transferable to other services.
  3. Once the limit of any of the resources reached, the only solution will be to upgrade to a better package.
  4. In case there happens to be any technical issue, there will be anyone to help or even to ask any question since these services do not offer telephone support and will require detail writing of the problem in order to submit the issue to their support team.