SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Let your website be discovered

Due to the changing trend in consumption pattern, consumers now rely more and more on the search engine to search and compare products or services and reviewing evaluation of other consumers before making a decision to purchase.  Based on how their targeted potential customer spend, planning out an appropriate sales approach on the internet has become a challenge for the any marketing team.

When planning and executing SEO, the important thing to keep in mind, besides taking into consideration of the webpage heading, content and keyword as well as search engine algorithm, is considering how people use the search engine since these people will be your potential customers.

Top 3 Search Engines

Search Engines Ads are relatively low cost compared to other traditional media. The Ads come with accurate statistical analysis and allows advertiser to understand the cost effectiveness of each advertising campaign along with potential customers’ usage pattern as well as consumption pattern.  Furthermore, investment cost on the ads could be easily controllable and the cost effectiveness for search engine ads is obvious compared to the traditional media.

What is SEM suitable for?

Newly established website or business

Developing a Sales Campaign

SEO Not Achieving Expected Results

Efficiently Move Up the Ranking on Google Searches

SEM, in addition to the competition with other similar websites on the bidding price of the ads, other factors including the layout of the ads, user experience on the landing page and uniqueness of the content also affect the quality of the ads and directly influence the ranking and effectiveness of the ads.