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Custom Made

Custom Made Your Website to Show Your Brand Value

We understand that every website project is different and therefore we are open to any solution that can make your website a success.  We also know that every business is different, our team will make any effort it takes to help you achieve your goal.

We, at TwentyEight, builds easy-to-use and tailor to your business’ specific requirements.  

What we do?

We design and build pixel perfect, visually impressive websites that are also fully responsive with easily managed backend CMS.  We take proud in every website that is the most suitable for that business and on every website we build we make sure that each of the criteria below is fulfilled.

W3C Standard

SEO Friendly

Responsive Web Design

Speed Optimised

Cross Browser Compatible

Accessibility Design


Easy to Maintenance

Multilingual Compatible

Development Process

Strategy Planning

Starting with discussion on your requirement for the website design project, we will gather information on the direction and expectation of your project. Based on the information, we will plan and design the strategy and direction to achieve your desired goal.

Time needed : 1-2 week


Upon confirmation of the requirement, we will start creating the prototype of your website design project. Since every website we build is responsive, start at this stage we will make certain that the project is visually and functionally working properly across all platforms and devices.

Time needed : 1-2 week


Once we have the visual layout established, we will put the idea into codes. At this stage interactive design and additional coding will be added to the project. In addition, we will optimize the esthetic aspect of the project across various devices.

Time needed : 2-3 week

Testing and Quality Assurance

Upon delivery of the fully functioning website, we will smooth out any issues there might be not up to your expectation and will also fine tune anything that could make the final product looks better.

Time needed : 1-2 week


Whether you have a huge budget or just limited resources, no matter what the criteria you have for your project, we are provide the best solution for your business needs.  We are happy to provide professional advice on your website development and help start off your business.  Give us a call or drop us a note.


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