If you choose to build your own website, there are a few options other than the free website builders.

The first one is to learn to code. Simple website that shows only text and a few images only involve HTML and CSS. There are a lot of resource on the web that could help you learn these coding techniques. There are even templates that you could download and only required to change few lines of code to create a decent website.

The second one is to use website systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. These website platforms come with lots of functionalities. Besides building basic website or blogs, these platforms, with the right plugin, can even use for ecommerce, inventory monitoring, membership management or POS. There are many hosting company are already offering pre-installed or one click install there website systems. However, if you are not satisfied with the templates that comes the default package or would like to customise the website, the technical requirement would be on the high side. These website platforms are best to be installed and configured by someone with the technical background and in case if there is any issue come up, there is already someone to ask for help.

The last choice to use site building tools offered by hosting companies. These stie builder service do not come with as much functions and features as the previous mentioned website systems and therefore making them much easier to use.

The advantage of the first two choices is that these websites are transferrable to other hosting companies but the downside would be it will still require some time to learn to master the skill and the finished product will not come close to what the professionals can offer.