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Seize the promotion opportunity to community of over 200 million active users

About Xiaohongshu

小紅書 (XiaoHongShu) is a social media and e-commerce platform that is recognized as one of the most well-known in China, with over 200 million active users. The platform is popular among young people, including those born in the 1990s and 2000s, fashion enthusiasts, mothers, white-collar workers, singles, and those who enjoy luxury lifestyles. The platform has a female to male ratio of 7:3, and over 70% of users are born in the 1990s.

Start promoting your product and service on XiaoHongShu platform

Our professional team can help attract customer attention to your brand by using XiaoHongShu to promote your products and services. With over 200 million active users, XiaoHongShu can help your products and services quickly spread to various industries.

Through XiaoHongShu, brands can quickly popularize their products or services and reach a wide range of consumers. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), amateur users, and XiaoHongShu influencers can create content in various forms, such as articles, pictures, and videos, to attract and influence more consumers by sharing their product or service experiences. These contents can be promoted to the platform’s popular notes, which can increase brand exposure, increase brand awareness, and increase consumer interaction. XiaoHongShu’s unique feature is the user-generated content, which is a significant part of the platform’s UGC (User-generated content) and can create good word-of-mouth marketing for brands.

What industries are suitable for promotion on XiaoHongShu?

XiaoHongShu’s promotion services are suitable for various industries, including but not limited to jewelry, watches, handbags, finance, insurance, travel, catering and beauty. XiaoHongShu can help you find suitable KOLs, amateurs, and XiaoHongShu influencers for different industries. Compared to local KOLs, they not only have lower costs but can also more effectively help promote your brand in the mainland Chinese market.

Benifit of Our XiaoHongShu Promotion Service

XiaoHongShu pushes valuable content to other users based on factors such as likes, views, and comments on user posts. This mechanism can trigger consumers’ desire to shop and generate interest in certain products.
We encourages the creation of original, in-depth, attractive, and practical content. Such content can attract more users and promote their interaction.

Xiaohongshu Promotion Services

  • Xiaohongshu Picture and Text Promotion
  • Xiaohongshu Short Video Promotion
  • Xiaohongshu Influencer Marketing
  • Xiaohongshu Brand Promotion Services
  • Xiaohongshu Operational Management
  • Xiaohongshu Paid Advertising
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